Saturday 4th February 2017 !

We received the exact operation date today (8th of December), it is Saturday 4th of February 2017. We are very excited and a little bit nervous After all hard work, dedication and determination, Oliver now has a chance to change his life forever . This operation, followed by intensive physiotherapy will give Oliver far better mobility;[…]


On The Waiting List !

On the waiting list ! Received confirmation today that Oliver is on the waiting list to have SDR surgery in January/February 2017 . We will receive the exact date 2 months before the surgery and payment would have to be made one month before the exact date. About 6 months to fund-raise!!! If you would[…]

Just after the orthopedic surgery

Orthopedic Operation!

On Thursday, 25th June 2016, Oliver is having orthopedic surgery in London Evelina Children’s Hospital to help his tight muscles and spasticity related to cerebral palsy to release the tightness and correct the posture. Corrections made during orthopedic surgery may be temporary. As a person grows, the same muscles or other muscles may become tight and[…]