November 27, 2016

kirsteenKirsten tried but the storm did not allow her to run 10K on Sunday November 20th,but she raised over £600.

Thank you Kirsten for everything, and Thank you to everyone who has supported Kirsten in aid of Oliver’s fundraising campaign.

We really do appreciate you for being an important part of our little boy’s life.

The wonderful lady, Kirsteen Cheeseman, mother of 3 young children and a wife, is running 10K (www.brooksbrighton10k.co.uk) to support Oliver who has got cerebral palsy and is in need of an operation in January is closing in fast…

Oliver and Kirsten’s son, Alexander, are going to same class in West Hove Junior School. She is running on Sunday 20th November to raise money to pay for the surgery to help Oliver whose wishes is to walk. Please support this super woman, sharing, liking,donating or spreading the word to whoever you think that would help in anyway via the link below:


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